Friday, March 12, 2010

Presenting the Public Domain Education Data Warehouse at MIS Conference

Last week I presented with colleagues from New Hampshire Department of Education at the NCES Winter Forum and 23rd Annual Management Information Systems (MIS) Conference in Phoenix. The presentation introduced a "Public Domain Education Data Warehouse—Including Student-Teacher Connections That Inform Instructional Change".

At a time when national education data standards are a priority, NH has taken a leadership role in developing a public domain data warehouse model, that is a practical implementation for a data warehouse based on national standards. It has been a privilege to help shape that public domain architecture and work with selfless group of people working hard to make a difference for students in New Hampshire, and in other places that can benefit from the public domain model.

Out of School Time Matters

The time that students spend learning outside of the traditional classroom/school is increasingly important. Student's not meeting minimum learning objectives inside the box of the fixed-time/fixed-space classroom can be successful when in-school time is supported by the right learning experiences and support during out-of-school time. And for students succeeding inside the classroom, the out-of-school time help them reach their potential as contributing citizens.

A recent article, Not just and add on, in CatalystChicago makes the point that "Forty years of research has proven that after-school and summer programs for low-income students can help to close the achievement gap."
A good resource on out-of-school-time is the Harvard Family Research Project.