Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"Big Data" Synergy Across Key Initiatives

This week I had the privileged of presenting on CEDS at the SETDA Leadership Summit along with champions of other key initiatives, SLC, LRMI, Learning Registry, and My Student Download.  The theme was "big data" to support teaching and learning. 

I think there is a bigger story than what any of these initiative is accomplishing on its own. And the session provided a great opportunity to talk about how, from the perspective of an educator or student, the separate initiatives fit together and support the kind of metadata and paradata for optimizing and personalized learning.  The following video is my version of that story prepared for the SEDTA meeting.  The PDF here ( is a printable "storyboard" of the same.

...the SETDA session and presenters:
Leveraging "Big Data" to Support Digital Age Learning - Roosevelt Room

While states have been focusing on building robust longitudinal data systems for accountability and data-based decision making, a number of public-private efforts have recently launched that have the potential to leverage state, local and educator/student-generated education data in new and exciting ways for teaching and learning. These efforts include those focused on solving K-12 interoperability challenges, improving search and discovery of education resources, sharing of intelligence about the use of education resources, increasing transparency and opening access to education data, and personalizing learning. Participants will get an overview of the work underway in this area, share information about their state's priorities, assess gaps and opportunities, and - in so doing - contribute to the production of a summary white paper for states and policymakers.
  • Neill Kimrey, Division Director, Division of Instructional Technology, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
  • Lan Neugent, Assistant Superintendent for Technology, Career, and Adult Education and Chief Information Officer, Virginia Department of Education
Resource Specialists:
  • Jim Goodell, Senior Education Analyst at Quality Information Partners
  • Henry Hipps, Senior Program Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Michael Jay, President of Educational Systemics
  • Steve Midgley, Consulting Adviser, US Department of Education
  • Lyndsay Pinkus, Director, National and Federal Policy Initiatives, Data Quality Campaign

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